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    I.S.A. Idrosanitaria

    I.S.A. Idrosanitaria

    I.S.A. Idrosanitaria was established in 1966 by Luigi Arici in Sarezzo, Brescia as individual company specialized in the production of shower sets, mixers, faucets and accessories. In 1973 the company moved to the present head office in Ponte Zanano and changed into a S.n.c. company with the entrance of the brother Mr. Luciano. Sales, at the beginning focused on the internal market, expanded then to foreign countries. In 1988 I.S.A. Idrosanitaria became a S.p.A. company, strengthened its production and spreaded its name all over the word, introducing in its range multifunctions handshowers antiscale nozzles in liquid silicone, taking care of the new market needs. In moulding department moved to the new larger and modern building just a few hundreds meters far from the head office. Offices and warehouse were enlarged as well.

    Today I.S.A. Idrosanitaria is one of the first producers of handshowers in Italy,certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 since 1997.

    With its wide range of products guaranteed 100% Italian origin, the maximum trustworthiness, the unique design and the high level of service, it is able to satisfy at the best the needs of its customers. Principal aim has always been exploration of new ways with no fear to search innovative concepts, to plan products able to respond to market requests and let know with its creations "THE PLEASURE OF WATER".