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    Traditional German company Hansa creates a new world mark and wins a remarkable design and innovative shower systems international markets premium products. At the same time, according to a this year's edition Markt Intern survey vendors and experts in the field of plumbing in the comparative analysis of the manufacturers of sanitary fittings "Leistungsspiegel Sanitär-Armaturen", Hansa in the 17 th time in a row was named the clear winner in the categories "trade mark number 1 "and" reliable trading partner.

    Hansa Metallwerke AG manufactures plumbing fixtures since 1950 Over the past decade, the sons and grandsons of the founder of the company turned a traditional family company into a recognized market leader. Such a series of fittings for bathrooms, as Hansaronda and Hansamix, were the most bought in Germany. Thanks to the long life of products, good value for your money and "proximity of production to retail outlets and consumers, as well as servicing, the company Hansa quickly gained a reputation as the best of the best.

    All products leaving our factory, meet the quality standards on which the Hansa has grown over the past decade. We have every reason to be proud of a successful combination of technical solutions and creative design," - said Wolfram Gering, CEO of Concern Hansa Metallwerke AG.