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    "Caparol" - a group of companies, branches of which provide delivery of products throughout Europe and have an annual turnover, exceeding 750 million euros. "One of the branches "Caparol" is the largest producers of paints and varnishes. The company employs over 3000 staff. The central facility is located in Ober-Ramshtate, on the federal state of Hessen. "Products with a sign "Caparol" have a strong presence among construction professionals, including Alpina products designed to market "do it yorself". Our brand has become synonymous with high quality and economical approach to the environment. In Germany and Austria "Caparol" is the market leader in the field of professional paints. And in the rest of European countries "Caparol" has been working with great success for decades.

    Originally the company was founded for the extraction of the mineral amphibole (hornblende, green slate) in mines, and then she proceeded to the production of building paints. Formerly these colors were in the form of powder and consisted of mineral pigments, fillers, and astringents such as lime / casein or sodium silicate.

    The company specializes in this area and has been playing so far a leading role. The company produces high quality materials by using quality raw materials, modern German technologies, experienced professionals, and follows laboratorial supervision. The greatest success was a universal water-based paint called "Caparol" (casein, wax, oleum). Later, as the main raw material instead of oil paint was applied synthetic variance. This was only the triumphal start for the opening of numerous paint shops in Germany.

    Among other notable achievements of the company are the following traditional marks: facade paints "Amphibolin", "Muresko" and "AmphiSilan", interior paints "Alpinaweiß", "Malerit" and "Indeko-Plus", as well as numerous special materials and widely known colorants, for example, "Alpinacolor" and "AVA".